What is R/3?

R/3 is an integrated suite of applications designed to handle the data processing for large corporations. It was developed in Germany by the company named SAP (an acronym for Systems Applications and Products for data processing).

Tips :

When you see the word SAP by itself, it is pronounced "ess-ay-pea." When it is combined with another word, it is pronounced sap, as in "tree sap." You should never say "sap" when referring to the company SAP. Always pronounce it as "ess-ay-pea." Saying "sap" is the surest way to say, "I don't know anything about SAP."

Within R/3 is a runtime environment and an integrated suite of application programs written in SAP's 4GL-ABAP/4. These application programs are designed to meet the data processing needs of very large businesses. R/3 and its predecessor R/2 are particularly popular with the manufacturing sector.

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